37 weeks! Still no babies. I know!!!!

Here is a picture of Anna at 36 weeks! F-A-B-U-LOUS-AWE-SOME.
I can’t believe we have gone this long.

We just had our 37 week ultrasound and it’s a crap shoot when these kids are going to come out. Since they don’t like to let twins go many days past 38 weeks, we have an induction suction scheduled for next Wednesday. Ok, it’s not really called that but I like words that rhyme…don’t you?

What’s going to happen is, on Wednesday night a catheter will be inserted to open Anna’s cervix. If labor has not started by Thursday morning, drugs will be pumped in to start contractions. Soon after, the babies will fall out…just. like. that. Then, drugs will be pumped into me. I have a list ready.

We did have some excitement this past Sunday, though. During the night, at about 1:00am, Anna started having contractions. At 4:00am she told me we had about an hour before we had to go to the hospital. I got up, worked out, washed up and came downstairs to leave for the hospital. Anna was resting on the couch and said the contractions stopped and it was a false alarm.

I felt like I was watching TV and the “to be continued” message came on right before you find out who the father is.**


**I am the father by the way; I was just using this example for effect.


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