35 Weeks....Fo Shizzle!

We just had our 35-week appointment and ultra sound.

The OB stuck her fingers in Anna’s vagina to see how her cervix is doing. It’s soft but not dilated. She estimates at least another week and maybe 3 more weeks. If Anna has to go three more weeks she will strangle me with her bare hands.

For those of you that went to a catholic high school where your sex ed class was like, “sex is bad and can kill you unless your married", I’ve included this diagram to clarify what’s happening.


Unknown said…
Thank you for the helpful diagram. Did we even have sex ed at Fairview? (That is other than the occasional raunchy movie you and the boys subjected me to)...Anna, hang in there!! XO Gail
Alice said…
Now that is artistry.
Unknown said…
Thank you. I needed that diagram.

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