Wow, we’ve been so busy working and solving homelessness that we haven’t had much free time lately. Here’s a quick update so your lives aren’t empty. If your life is still empty, take out a picture of me and kiss it.

Both kids can balance on two feet for about a couple seconds without holding onto anything. They’ve each taken at least a “first step."

Stella is refusing to be fed by a spoon and prefers finger food; avocado, black beans, cheese and tofu are her favorites.

She gagged herself like a super model the other day and barfed big-time. More food than could possibly fit in her little stomach went all over the floor and Bella the dog…who was trying to lick it up. Yummers.

I tried to wipe her off with a wet rag then spray her down with doggie cologne, but it didn’t work. I did the same to the dog. God that dog smelled and it wasn't like peaches. It was like barf and broccoli. She got a much needed bubble bath.

Here’s Xavier doing that thing a lot of babies do. Its funnier when he does it himself but I couldn’t get it on video.

Does anyone need him for a commercial so we can make a few bucks on the side? Really, wouldn't you buy something from this kid? ..even cigarettes.


Auntie D said…
HA! Stella wanted to eat her mama's finger. crazy girl!
super cute video! keep them coming!
Kerry Lynn said…
Look at Xavier with the hair!
They really are so cute and I would totally buy cigarettes from him. I'd even buy them for MY twins.