This is how meals go.

- Put kids in booster seats

Xavier: Starts crying because he wants to play with the Tupperware lid

- Give Xavier the Tupperware lid.

Stella: Starts crying because she wants a Tupperware lid

- Give Stella a Tupperware lid

Xavier: Takes Stella’s Tupperware lid

Stella: Gets angry and tries to take Tupperware lid back from Xavier

Xavier: Hits Stella on the head with Tupperware lid.

Stella: Starts crying

- Take Stella out of booster seat.

Xavier: Throws Tupperware lids on ground. Starts crying.

Stella grew up so fast! She even knows how to multiply fractions and play the accordian.

Notice Roxie hiding in her cage. The kids like to play in Roxie's cage and Roxie isn't too happy about it.

Our little baby Xavier grew up to be a tan dance machine in a blue-green striped romper. Do they make rompers like this for adults? I need to get one so I don't have to keep matching my pants to my shirts.


Erin said…
Wow - they are so gorgeous. They look so old!!! I'm sure fractions are a piece of cake!
crazy aunt d said…
they are so freakin cute. i can't wait to hold then, and squeeze them and give them big kisses all weekend long when i visit! (you may want to warn them that their crazy aunt that squeezes their cheeks is coming in a week!)

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