I want to be lifted up in a chair while music plays

I meant to get this up sooner but my brain thingy has been preoccupied with getting our house sold. Over Labor Day weekend we went to our friends' wedding in Ohio. The wedding was on Sunday because they are Jewish and Jewish people can’t use electricity on Saturday so the DJ wouldn’t have had been able to play any music unless the wedding was on Sunday.

And to answer your other question, yes, Ohio does have electricity. A generator is hooked up to the looms the Amish use to make clothes. Amish people are so cute in their little old world outfits. I wonder if we could buy one to do some cleaning around our house.

We dropped the kids off at my in-laws before the wedding and didn’t pick them up again until the afternoon after the wedding. It was the first time we could go out late and not have to get up early for some spoiled crying child that wants a diaper changed or to eat something.

A lot of us realized we were getting a little old as it was 12:00am and we were thinking about wrapping up the night. But, in my defense, I could have gone all night. Ohio stopped me. They have this law that says you can’t buy booze after 2:00am. Isn’t that dumber than home schooling?

Either way it was a bitchin time at the wedding. I don’t even think the kids noticed we were missing. My in-laws spoiled them rotten, pumped them full of food and let them surf porn on the internet.

They played traditional wedding songs all night. Chicago in 'da house.


Anonymous said…
what happened to playing the chicken dance, the YMCA and the electric slide at weddings - which are ohio wedding staples!! (I know, pretty pathetic right?!)

- aunt D - who took part in spoiling your adorable mini-mes.

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