A stage is not just for musicals.

At this very moment we are staging our house to sell it. Selling made more sense then building an addition to fit our third little darling. I suppose there’s a chance our third will be a midget and/or wizard boy and live under the stairs but I’m not going to bet my pole dancing money on it.

Staging a house is so awesome like butterflies. One minute your house is a caterpillar and the next minute a miracle happens and it is a de-cluttered butterfly that flies into the air.

I can’t stand a house with a bunch of stuff.

CAN. NOT. STAND. IT! I’m serious. You walk around bumping into chairs, carpet; some random table.

Over the last few days all non-essentials were wrapped in plastic and stored in the garage. It’s so refreshing to walk into a room and see a sea of wood floors. The house isn’t empty. We still have a sofa, bed, dining room table, and some other stuff but all the worthless things like books, bookshelves, kid toys and end table are gone.

In my perfect world there would be no furniture or pictures on the walls. Everyone would sit on pillows and eat out of Japanese bento boxes. No need for cooking pots or pressure cookers, as the food would be eaten raw.

We’ll miss this house. It’s sad we gut rehabbed it and now we’re moving. I’m over it. At least we increased the property values on the street.

When our neighbors throw us a goodbye party they’ll be sad but I know secretly they’ll be thinking, “Our property values just went up, sweet…and now our hearts won’t go pitter patter everytime we see that good looking Mediterranean man.”


first-timer said…
My heart still goes pitter patter when I see you, MedMan. Your house is beautiful - I bet it shows well and sells quickly. Good luck and love to Anna.
Michelle Cooper said…
oh my goodness, I was just telling Dan how cute your house is. If he had a job and I had a job and we lived in Chicago and had a down payment, we would so buy it from you! Where are you moving to?

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