2009, It was fun but now you're over with

I’ve been trying to write a year in review post because that is what you do when you have a blog. Another thing you do when you have a blog is sell-out your family for fame. Since I already did the latter, I have to write this stupid year in review.

Not much went down. We survived our first full year as parents, we had sex without protection, Anna got pregnant, we realized our house was too small to fit three kids; we sold our house and bought a bigger house. Currently we are renovating the basement and getting stuff ready for baby number three. I just finished putting the crib together.


A steady stream of money has been exiting our bank accounts like urine coming out of a urethra. Kids cost so much money. I have no idea what people did before money was invented.

We’re trying to potty train Stella and Xavier before new baby gets here because once she gets here Stella and Xavier will be changing their own diapers. I wish I were potty trained because changing my own diaper is disgusting; especially since I became vegan in 1996 and have all this extra fiber pushing through my rectum.


The new baby is transverse and will most likely be cut out on Feb 26th. When Xavier was transverse (and before we knew him) I illustrated the situation to you awesome readers. So, I’ll do the same for new baby.

This is what a transverse baby looks like. As you can see, the baby is perpendicular to the vagina. The baby is inside the uterus. Sometimes when a baby grows outside the uterus it is called a chicken.

This is what will happen during a c-section. Xavier came out just like this, legs first!! He was deducted one point from this rating thingy they give babies being born because he didn't cry immediately. I think he was in shock from being pulled out legs first.


Kelly Hutcheson said…
Thank Goodness for Anna because your children will turn out normal. I'm a counselor and from your words and drawings, I think you need psych help. teehee :)
anna said…
Dude, surprise baby is BREACH! I hate to tell you now that you've spent all this time on that silly picture. Poor confused daddy.

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