People are dropping like Flies

So this past Thursday morning, the nanny told Anna and me that her father was dying and she had to fly to the motherland the next day and that she would be gone a week. We freaked out like when a condom breaks and spent our free time on Friday trying to find a replacement nanny for the following week.

It’s not very easy to find a replacement nanny on such short notice. This is like when your cleaning person goes missing but the cleaning person would be watching your kids. We did get a patchwork of offers to help but nothing definite. Anna and I both couldn’t use our vacation days because we need them for when new baby comes.

In the end, the Virgin Mary blessed us and by the time we got home the nanny said her dad was no longer dying, and she wouldn’t be leaving after all. We’re still a little uneasy about the whole thing and are hoping she comes Monday morning.

Our last nanny went back to Poland because her husband was dying. I just don’t understand why we keep hiring nannies with family members who keep dying as if they were in the Vietnam War.

On top of that, Bella, our oldest dog and our first child, has started eating the walls. Earlier this week I noticed a patch of paint scrapped off the wall and assumed the kids did it. Then, the following day there was a big 8”x8” hole in the drywall. I noticed that Bella was going around licking the walls and then biting it. We couldn't figure out why but by Friday we had five holes in our walls. When I patched one up, she ate another one.

I thought maybe the previous owners hid cocaine in the drywall so I cut some lines of drywall and snorted it but I didn’t feel anything. Then I called the vet today.

The vet said when a dog is anxious they do this. I guess Bella is stressed about the economy.

FYI, I've been trying to post videos from my iPhone but I've had some trouble. They'll be up someday. Until then, stay cool.


Kate said…
That's what you get for using watermelon-flavored paint. Duh.

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