Here are too many pictures

Thank goodness Aunt Duda takes pictures or I wouldn't have anything to post. Here are some more pictures from the holiday weekend that spoiled our children.

The nanny gave them these things. They are like cars and they make a ton of noise. She knows what they like since she raises them.

The one toy Stella is riding has a bunch of women on it that spin around in a circle while music plays. They are naked. It's a mini strip club reproduced on a children's toy. Weird, I know.

Xavier noticed the women.

Stella is eating Perogis. They are a Polish food just like Chinese wontons excepts with polish stuff inside and child laborers didn't make them.

Here I am pretending to read. They don't understand what I am saying anyway. I never learned to read. Yes, its sad but I've done so much with my life, regardless. I don't have any idea what I am typing.

Stella is up to no good.



Total trouble.

Elmo the doll tells our chidren he loves them. That's so nice of him.

Xavier loves wheels. Maybe he'll marry a wheel.

This is some racetrack thing. I took it for myself. I love playing with it!!!


Kerry Lynn said…
"I don't have any idea what I am typing."

Oh this explains SO much!!
Anonymous said…
you can never have enough pictures of those adorable little munchkins!!

your family's paparazzi,
Aunt D

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