Bella is Sick

Our oldest dog Bella, whom I use as the profile pic for some reason, is very sick. She is at the doggie hospital and may be there the rest of the week.

She had been eating the walls, as noted in the previous post, because her red blood count was very low and this makes dogs eat strange things. The doctor thinks its either an autoimmune disease that can be treated with steroids or it is cancer in her bone marrow. We are waiting for the test results and are really hoping it's not the latter.

We got Bella before we were married and right after buying our condo. She's our first kid, and I can't believe how this has thrown us for such a loop. Anna and I are so grief stricken over this. Coupled with preparing for the new baby in a few weeks and taking care of our other two kids has really burned us out considerably.

I know people survive worse than this but I'm just so sad that we might lose her. Please think of her.


Kate said…
I'm sending love & positive thoughts your way. And I would LOVE to spend some time with the kiddo's this weekend if you & Anna want to get out & have some time to yourselves.
Kerry Lynn said…
I kept waiting for a joke in there. I'm sorry there wasn't one.

I had to have my first cat put to sleep almost 4 years ago and I still haven't dealt with it. I never even wrote about it on my blog. So I understand how hard it is.

I hope Bella will be OK.
Michelle Cooper said…
Bella (and the four + humans in your family) are in our thoughts. Good news good news...
first-timer said…
George - I saw your post on FB, and I am so happy she is okay and lucky to have owners who care enough to make sure she gets the medical attention she needs. You guys rock.

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