Fiona Marie 7lbs 4oz!!

Fiona Marie was born at 11:08am Friday Feb 26th, 2010.

The future president of the united states!! This is her right after being pulled out of Anna.

The mom and Fiona Marie!! She is already spoiled.

She can't talk yet.

The family minus our other two kids. I don't remember where we left Stella and Xavier.

You couldn't see any of my gray hair when the first two kids were born. This is what happens. I'm going to go blonde this summer.


Amber said…
Welcome to the world, Fiona! We can't wait to meet you! Congratulations to the whole family!
Kate said…
Wecome, earthling!
Carey said…
Congrats & welcome to the world little one!!
Kerry Lynn said…
She can't talk yet?? You make really stupid kids. But they're very cute. Congratulations and now I feel like a slacker having ONLY had twins.

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