Kids say the most racist things

Anna took the girls to Ohio this past weekend for her sister’s golden bridal shower. I’m sure it was fun or whatever.

So, it was just me and my little man all weekend. I’m sure anyone with multiples can tell you that having one kid is a step away from having no kids. Having two kids is two steps away from have no kids and having a million kids is a million kids away from having no kids.

Saturday we were at the park and Xavier wanted to play with this older kid who was making bubbles with some bubble toy. I’ve seen this kid before; he’s maybe around 6-7 years old, African American and has two dads that are gay and have gay sex.

In fact, they were having gay sex right then and there just before they started destroying traditional marriage.

One dad was bottle feeding a teeny baby and the other dad was helping us work the bubble making thing. The kids made bubbles, blah, blah was fun, and a little while later they had to go home.

While Xavier was watching them leave he said to me,

“I want to play with the boy with the brown face”.

“Ummmm, he’s not Indian”, I corrected him.

A little later he went over to play with a dog. The owner said “hi” and Xavier’s response was,

“He has a penis.

(points between dogs legs)…..

” I have a penis...”

”...and my dad has a penis.”

I asked the dog owner to show us his penis but he refused. 

 This toy was borrowed from a blonde kid with really pale skin. It's an alligator not a crocodile. You can tell by the well developed wheels.


Michele S said…
OMFG. You are hysterical.
An Urban Story said…
Ha! Same to you Michelle.
Carey said…
Just wanted to tell you that I love reading your blog - funny guy!! Thank you for providing comic relief, no pressure for the next post - but I hope it's funny.
An Urban Story said…
Thanks Carey!! Your life must be crazy with all th kids. :-)
Kerry Lynn said…
Oh those gay people, ruining marriage for us oh so perfect straight people.

I didn't realize Carey and Michele read here. I must have found you through one of them at some point.

The boy with the brown sweet is that???
An Urban Story said…
Kerry, I actually found Michelle through you! It's so confusing this internet blog thing.
Anonymous said…
You AND Michele are BOTH CRAZY!!! And I love my daily fix of each blog! From your best (blog reader) friend!!!

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