Let's celebrate our love children!

Happy Father’s Day sperm donors!! As a father I know that without us there would be no children. If we ever get human cloning to work right men will have served their purpose. Unfortunately, they’ll be no one left who can drive a car without crashing it into things.

Anna was away this past weekend for a wedding so I had all three kids to myself. I try to spend most of the time outside on walks to stay skinny.

What I’ve done recently is strap “Fifi” into the Ergo Carrier and put Stella and Xavier in the wagon. If they want to walk they have to keep one hand on the wagon. I don’t think any of this is a big deal but based on the comments I get you'd think I'm the best thing since sliced bread.

Every few blocks someone would say something like, “You are a great dad” or “Wow, you are a good father.”

I have a theory. Are you ready for it?

If I were a woman, I wouldn’t get so many compliments; even if I had on hooker makeup. My belief is many people think a mom lugging around a bunch of kids is doing her job but a dad lugging around a bunch of kids is doing something special.

Dad’s can get away with anything. My kids could have food on their faces, mismatched clothes, messed up hair and a fundamental misunderstanding of the theory of evolution and yet people would still say, “He’s doing a great job.”

A mom has no such leeway. It’s kinda like the sex double standard where a man can sleep with anyone he wants but the moment a woman sleeps with the whole football team she’s a slut. I am so sick of society and the man. He keeps us down! Argh........

Men are pigs. This holiday is cancelled. I am soooooooooooooo pissed off at men right now.


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