Farms are where animals go to die.

Anna had the day off work Friday and took the kids to a farm. There were so many cute baby animals waiting to be pet right before they went to the slaughter house.

Now isn't that sweet. A baby something or other.

Someone lost a needle..

Here are the kids pretending to be Amish waiting for the horse and buggy school bus. Moments later, a child marries their cousin.

"County Line Orchard". Anna bought this cherry jelly from the "farm" and it was way to red. So I looked at the ingredients and it listed on the jar; corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, fruit pectin and RED 40. It had this label to make it look like it was made at the farm. RED 40 kills families. Do not use it!!!! Do you hear me?!?! Entire families..gone.

This is a hay igloo. It is where farmers live.

This is a pumpkin.

On another topic. I'm not sure what this says about the twins but I'm going to post it here in case I need supporting evidence for a counselor.

The kids had to color these pictures then trace the numbers for Greek school.

Stella made this piece of art. She could end up really smart or really crazy. There's a 60/40 chance it goes in her favor.

Xavier did this. He used a pencil to circle the numbers to the left, then "X" out the pictures, then trace the numbers to the right. When finished, he asked for chocolate.


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