Better than Robert Maplethorpe

Every few weeks the twin's nursery school takes all the kid's projects off the walls and sends them home. The school looks like a contemporary art museum without the egos and over-priced canvases painted a single color.

I gather from the last batch the kids were making jack-o-lanterns using shapes cut out from black cardboard paper.

Stella used the eye for a nose and two noses for the eyes. She turned the mouth upside-down to make a sad face. I love what she did here. They told her to make a jack-o-lantern and she made a sad clown. She told that school to take it's rules and shove them up their ASS! (her words not mine).

Xavier basically followed the rules but used the nose for a tiny beard; a.k.a. "a flavor saver". The message here is subtle, "this project sucks like your mom's face".


Melody R said…
You are one funny guy! Keep posting!
An Urban Story said…
@Melody, thanks Melody ;-)

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