Greek School Graduation 2012

The twins "graduated" from their first year of Greek school on Saturday. The 3-4 year old class sang Τα Καβουρακια. It's pretty obvious from this video that this is the best Τα Καβουρακια a bunch of little kids has ever performed. Tears will stream down your face. A world without Τα Καβουρακια is a world without oxygen.

Xavier, never, ever, ever, forever 16, wants to sing in public and definitely not on a stage. But, he got right up there and sang and even danced a little. I don't know how these teachers did it.

Some of the best singing you have ever heard.
This kids are in the middle front, Xavier has a tie on with Stella
to the left.

(click the bottom right corner on the video
for full size)

The song title means "The Little Crabs" which explains the hats
(if you were still confused up until this point).

We do not tuck in our shirts in this family.

The next day we went swimming in
the E coli lake.


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