Appliances are the new maid

Well, it happened. Our dishwasher died and I don’t mean the cleaning person.

As I mentioned earlier, Anna complained about her car and the AC died, then she complained about the washing machine and it died, and then she immediately started complaining about dishwasher and now it died.  I gave her a picture of someone I don’t like to complain about.

The appliances in the house are all about ten years old so this was bound to happen.

When I say, “died” I mean the pump stopped working and prior to that the dishes were not being cleaned that well. In addition, it was so noisy you could not hear me yelling at the kids.

Isn't this amazing? It's like a metal door.

We ordered this GE one that got great reviews, has a larger interior and has the lowest noise rating. There is also a built-in grinder to take away excess food we should have eaten.

It is so fun having first world problems. All it takes is buying the latest, most hi-tech appliance or gadget and all your problems go away. Soon, friends from around the world will be envious of our perfect life with it’s perfect dishwasher.

In the meantime, until our new appliance arrives, I have asked the Nanny to wear a stainless steel jumper because I want the dishwasher to match the rest of the appliances.


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