Fat is the new Skinny

There have been a few articles published this past week about how the United States is on it’s way to becoming even fatter. It’s really sad. Most of these people aren’t even Opera singers.

The only thin people left will be gay men and heroin addicts.

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Some states are on the way to having the majority of the population being overweight people.

When France (the country) noticed that their childhood obesity rates hit 10% they implemented a massive restructuring of what foods the schools provided and how physical activity was incorporated into the daily routine. The number came down to 9%. Way to go country that gave us a statue.

God forbid this country removes junk food from the schools. I saw an interview where a woman had her wakeup call when her doctor said, “How many obese people in their 70’s do you seen around? None, because they’re dead!”

The doctor was trying to communicate that they died from complications of obesity even though some might have been assassinated.

When I see these really fat kids that no one wants to kidnap I feel bad for them.  They will be so addicted to poor lifestyle choices,  that they will have almost no chance of being healthy when they are older.

On a brighter note, men without testicles may live longer.

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