Thank you giving!!!

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving holiday in the United States to once again celebrate the stealing of this country from the Native Americans and massacring them!!!  I hope you're proud of yourselves!!!!!!!!!!

Before heading to Ohio to visit the family and judge everyone, we made the kids bake stuff that could kill and small family of horses.

Get to work because one day we'll be dead and you need to learn how to cook.

I have no idea why this bowl is filled with blue crap. I would give him away to a circus before eating this.

Stella is making pancakes. We are trying really hard to get the kids to cook all of our meals. Next step: dropping them off at the grocery store and picking them up safely hours later.

 My mom took us and one of my high school friends with his kid to the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. It is a garden but inside. Then my mom paid a small fortune so each grandchild could make a ginger bread house. People had to live in ginger bread houses until the industrial era.

Stella's house is pretty stupid looking but 'A' for effort. Xavier ate his on the way home so there are no pictures. We could have donated the money for this "craft" to a needy family, but then we wouldn't have this masterpiece.

We lost a kid for a while, so my friend's daughter Audrey is in this picture.  It's good to know you can grow up and have your high school friend's kid's play together. It makes you fell like you're no longer a lost cause.

My mom made the kid's ice-cream floats. I think this was their dinner. When I was a kid we never had anything fun to eat. NEVER! I had to eat peas everyday; an entire pile of peas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then I had to clean the bathrooms with only a toothbrush....then use the same toothbrush to brush my teeth!!!!!!!!!!!!  Then I had to stand out in the cold and sell matches but I used all the matches to stay warm. It's amazing I turned out so normal.

I realized I only took one picture at Anna's parents house. The kids love playing with their Wujek (Uncle)...Anna's sister's husband. They love him .001%  more then their Ciocia (Aunt).


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