White Female Jogger in full-length leotards!!

A few weeks back, there was a break-in during the day on our street. It's currently the talk of the town. Everyone is suppose to stay vigilante and support suspicious activity!

This one guy was all annoyed that 911 was not taking his calls about suspicious people seriously. Then he sends out the following email to our neighborhood block distribution list. At first I thought it was a joke, but sadly and to my amusement, it was not!

Basically, he noticed a "white woman jogging" and "texting or taking notes" so he called 911. OMG, our world just got 1% stupider.

I highlighted my favorite part.
My comments are in bold.

Subject: Suspicious Activity on Hermitage (approx 12:15 on 12/4/12)

Hi Everyone -

To begin with, if any females were out jogging on Hermitage (near Peterson) today wearing a black or dark grey short sleeve t-shirt and black full-length leotards - please let me know. Nope, I did not see Pat Benatar. To everyone else, please let me know if you know of anyone in the neighborhood fitting the following description. 

White Female
30-35'ish (I'm not good at guessing)
brown'ish hair cut just short of touching her shoulders
black or dark grey short sleeve t-shirt
black full-length leotards
sorry about this part - medium frame but with a big butt (in comparison to her body)

I was walking north in the <*****  address removed> (the west side of the street) when I noticed this female looking at two houses (on the east side of the street) and what appeared to be texting or taking notes.  I stopped and watched and then she turned north but then it seems she spotted me and she turned south again, began her "jogging routine" and began a very slow jog.  I continued, very shortly, to walk north but turned to see if she were still jogging...and she was gone.  Maybe she returned to the spirit world.

She was running a slow jog and could only have ducked between the houses and hid or made her way through someone's back yard to the alley. Or she went inside her house to avoid getting raped! At that point I took off running down the street to Thorndale.  I got there and I did not see her and even ran over to Paulina and nothing.  

I have called 911 and reported this and have spoken to two undercover cops and they are currently patrolling the area.

If you are her or think it's someone in the neighborhood, please let me know.  
I think I'd rather slap myself in the face.



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