Everybody dance now...dun, dun, dom, dun, dun dom dun, ....

Stella's Parent Observation Day

Stella's dance class had parent's observation day where parents go to watch their little girls develop into snobs. I have some pictures I need to get up but we've been so busy lately I can't even remember which kid is my favoritte.

Stella actually has a natural skill for dancing. Who knew? She was easily the best in class if that is even possible for a class of girls 2-4 years old.  I mean, everyone was great  because like here's your certificate for participating so don't go cry me a river  my little flower.

There was a part where each girl had to stand up and spell their name. This must have been the modern dance portion.

Let's just say, they did not tell us aheaed of time a Stella's name is spelled "Stla."


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