Before it is too late, read about what happened to our dogs!

Last month, we got a letter from some random attorney that was not Michael Cohen. Our neighbors retained her to send us an overpriced letter complaining about our dogs. In the letter, the not-Michael-Cohen lawyer, said that our dog’s use of our backyard has prevented them from living in peace.

Coincidentally. kids getting their arms blown off in the war in Syria also don’t get to live in peace. They do live in pieces…but not peace. But ok then, if this ruins your life then god hates you or is testing you or is working in mysterious ways which ever one makes you feel yourself better.

If I pretended I was pleading my case to the supreme court (minus the one that assaults women) I would say that I hosed down the backyard every morning, sometimes in the nude, and I pick up after the dogs.

One of our dogs is a white Chihuahua like this.
I did not feel like looking for a picture of our actual dog

Truthfully, this is not about the dogs. This is about our neighbors hating black people. Also, this is about them hating dogs. Furthermorons, it is because the lady neighbor suffers from ‘stay at home mom disease’. Technically, it is ‘stay at home person disease’ because it applies to anyone that stays at home all day and doesn’t have anything else to do, so they take it out on poor defenseless educated people with careers. 


Sadly, this disease is not on WebMD.  But, the cure is one of the best bands in the world. A person with this disease needs to get a job or get a hobby like playing the skin flute and/or scrap booking even though scrap booking is a totally stupid hobby.

If a lawyer did not council me in my response letter it would have read, “Dear Lawyer, This is so dumb. Sincerely, Normal Person”.

But our lawyer said, “No, please respond professionally, you are not the president”


Franco said…
It's "counsel." And that's a freebee.
An Urban Story said…
I always forget when the 'C' is used to make a soft sound. There's a hard 'C' word I'm calling you in my mind! ;-)

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