What you need to know to raise kids!

The last month has been hard because the kids lost their mother. i.e. the nanny.

Our nanny was great and had been with us for over two years. We just came back from her wedding in Poland. Back in Poland she was a dentist. Recently she was accepted into a school here in the USA starting in about a year. I guess she didn't want to watch our kids for the rest of her life.

We planned to start looking for a new second mommy for the kids in May 2019. But, when the nanny went to Poland , to get her dentist license, ( to send to the school here in the USA) she found out her license was suspended.

She did not complete some education classes. Therefore, she had to stay in Poland to finish these classes.

It sucked like men at a swingers party, because for the last month we've had to parent our own children. I've been working from home and we have been interviewing new people.

The worst part of finding a nanny is the interviewing. Usually you know the person sucks like within the first minute but you have to pretend to interview them. We didn't have anybody that was horrible.

One lady said she had to ask her husband if she could have a job because, "he wanted her at home with dinner when he returned from work". I'm like "um, can you grow a backbone because you will need it to walk". A husband like this is basically asking to be murdered.

Finally, we hired someone and she's great. We actually hired another woman first but then she said "I don't feel comfortable driving kids around".

WHAT! We need the kids driven to piano, dance, karate, Greek school, etc because we are upper middle class and we load up our kids with activities. I promptly fired that bitch ( I mean whore  (I mean person)  ) via text because I heard that this is the way to do it these days.

In other news, we celebrated Halloween.

Apparently I did not tell the kids to look at me.

One of Xavier's best friends had a birthday. She had a cake that was a pumpkin.
I did not get a good picture. I am bad at pictures.

We went to a petting zoo.

These are all the people that died since this blog was started.
I do not think I caused this.


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