French is not just a bread

Hello everyone still alive. 

Lately I've been all about French apartments. We've been to France a few times and have stayed in AirBnB's. These places have never been anything fancy but the architecture is what made the places work. The walls are always a nice chalky white. Now that I'm stuck inside, I need to make every room look like a French apartment.

This is what the Master Bedroom looked like when we bought the house. This is the picture from the listing. You really can't go wrong with a light made of sport's balls.  There were a few things we didn't like about the room; 1) the color, 2) the lights 3) the floor 4) the molding 5) the furniture 6) the window treatments and 7) everything .

Although we updated the room a little over the years, last week I decided to put up picture frame molding on the walls and paint everything Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace OC 65.

Again, this is the room when a blind person decorated it.

This is the room now. I've used a lot of white paints in my day, but this one looks great in the dim lighting and bright lighting.

The desk is from West Elm and the other stuff is from some store on the internet.
I am still trying to figure out how to edit pictures correctly. This is all you get deal.

We have had cheap Bob's Discount Furniture ,in this room forever. But it still works and I don't feel like getting anything new if someone could be dead tomorrow from Covid19.

I am not 124% certain if the windows need curtains. The large radiator was replaced with a small  baseboard radiator and then I had these shutters from Home Depot put on by someone that was really grumpy. 


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