Still not dead

I was reading this news article about this teen that had serious complications from COVID-19. He was in the hospital for weeks but finally got well enough to be released. There was a picture of him sitting in his bedroom and I thought, "wow, that is the perfect blue rug for our basement".

So, I found the below rug at Target. I'm not sure it's going to work out. I am not having a lot of luck with my basement carpets. It makes me cry tear drops just thinking about it.

Pray for my family that we make it through this rug situation.

Elvira Tribal Design Loomed Area Rug Blue - Safavieh - image 1 of 2

In happier news, this car caught on fire outside our house. I bet is was a meth lab.


Anonymous said…
Are those 55s or SSs? Did you wind up keeping that rug? Seems to tie the room together. Love you.

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