There is so much suffering right now

Everyday I look around and there is so much suffering and bodies and people dying from corona-virus.

Also, I'm trying to pick a new area rug for the basement.

One of the two dogs or three cats has an accident on the rug at least a few times a year. I wanted to get a vinyl floor cloth (basically an area rug made of vinyl) sold here.  They take 6 months to custom make and you can not return them so no. I am the master of buying and return things so if I can't return it I don't it.

Now I am on the look-out for an outdoor rug I can hose off. Below is the design I am working towards. Since I'm stuck inside unless I go on a walk or go outside, I need to focus my energy on decorating.

Let's not forget all the people dying out there and how much we all need a nice rug unless you are dead.


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