1 Month!

Wow, another week as gone by. Stella and Xavier were one month old last Thursday May 1st! That makes them over 4 weeks old.

The kids have started this new thing where they scream and cry like crazy between 6:00pm and 12:00pm. Apparently this is normal and everyone and their mom (har har) has some opinion about what will shut them up. Nothing really works. You're not supposed to leave them in a room and close the door. That is what Anna's says. Its child abuse or something.

I was desperate and bought this $200 newborn soother from Graco at Target. It's a big contraption that has a "womb" sound and rocks the baby back and forth and goes up to 7 speeds. You can also hookup your ipod and play death metal.

Stella hated it but when we put Xavier in he shut-up in like 2 seconds. That lasted one day. After that he caught on that a real person wasn't rocking him. Oh, he's smart. We went from the 1st speed, to the second...he cried a little more, so we raised it to 3, then 4, 5, 6 and all the way to 7. If it went any faster I would have just put him in a mixing bowl and turned it on. Are you making cookies?...no, it's our baby...he's crying.

We did learn that carrying them for 6 hours works. They get strapped into a harness or sash thingy and are permanently attached to us. Anna peed once while wearing Stella. You develop special skills.

Eating is difficult with a baby strapped on because you can't push yourself up to the table. I never would have thought it would be so hard to put food on a fork and carry it two feet to my mouth. I keep dropping food on Xavier's head. By the time I'm done eating he's a casserole with a side of peas.


Xavier just chillin' in the robot mommy before he figured out it wasn't a real person.

Xavier hangin' out in a cute outfit.

Anna holding Stella.

Stella...pretty in pink.


Michelle Cooper said…
Whoo - happy month birthday! Maybe they're crying because it's cocktail hour and the bartender is ignoring them? I'm sure Anna's milk is great and all, but it's no vodka tonic!
Dot said…
what awesome pics!!! must be one heck of a loving relative to take 180 pics in just 2 days......or just really obsessed.
miss the babies........they are wayyy better than school!

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