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Holy crap blog universe....

So, I've been bitchin' like a spoiled private school girl for like ever that no one comments on my blog, even though I can see people reading it from all over the world.

Well, a friend informed me that I had comments blocked to all unregistered users. Sorry internet , I didn't mean to do that.

Comments are now unblocked even if you are anonymous or ugly.
Send me some hate mail.



Kelly Hutcheson said…
I have ONE 7 week old and I dont know how you do it with TWO??? Props to you both!! My DH and I always comment on how do people do it with twins or their 2nd child?? Love reading yours and Anna's are hysterical!!
Anonymous said…
yayyyy i LOVE being anonymous
Anonymous said…
it's about time!! i always want to comment about how crazy you are and now i finally can!! :)
Anonymous said…
so i went through that entire process of registering for nothing!? geesh! at least i won't be the only one commenting anymore.

are the babies dancing to madonna yet?? see you soon!!
Anonymous said…
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