Unsolicited Advice

Anna has told me stories about "crazy" people coming up to her in public and commenting on the kids and giving unsolicited advice. I didn't believe it was true because what kind of person would give unsolicited advice to a stranger about their kids?

So, at the super market Sunday, Stella was crying like usual because she's totally nuts. Low and behold, within minutes of being there some woman walked up and was all like "Why is she crying?"

Anna snipped, "because she's crazy". Anna's timing was on par as was the delivery but the woman's english wasn't so good so she totally missed the sarcasm.

Crazy woman would not go away. She just stood there and kept saying, "Why is she crying? I think she's hungry."

Jesuschristgodalmighty, she's only 7 weeks old!?!? Should we ask her? Maybe that would help. "Stella, why are you crying? If you just tell mommy and daddy what's wrong we won't go insane." No luck. I guess our kid is stupid.

I took the high road and told crazy woman to talk to my elbow because the hand just don't understand.

In the meantime Xavier started crying and this scenario repeated itself in the parking lot like three hundred million more times. "Your babies are hungry", "I think your babies need to eat.", "Feed your babies."


Here's Xavier Crying.

...stick a pacifier in his mouth and he is all good.

Stella is learning to be cute so she can get by in life without using her brain.


Anonymous said…
lol...crazy people...my psychiatrist take on it is that they are projecting their own needs. the crazy people are hungry themselves for some mothering, thus project their needs onto your babies...

so next time just hug them and say "your momma didn't love you very much did she? there there..." that'll shut them up =)
Anonymous said…
This is the best blog ever!

But you need more breakdancers...

Scarlet O'Kara said…
They get cuter by the minute...
Kelly Hutcheson said…
I haven't received assvice yet out in public, but I have gotten "the look" when my 7 week old is crying and I wanna drop kick them right there!!
Anonymous said…
freakin hilarious! they are all jealous, i say!
so i see Xavier still loves his soothie (aka smoothie) from his auntie! they are just cute as a button!
i cannot wait to play with them in person again.

p.s. you have more comments than your wifey......
Michelle Cooper said…
"But he just ate an entire jar of mayonaisse! He couldn't be hungry!" I almost said something to someone once - she was feeding an 11-month-old orange soda, which just seems really abusive, but yeah, who the hell are strangers to comment? Maybe if I ever have my own kid, I'll feed it orange soda even earlier. Freaking yuppies.
Anonymous said…
I probably would have said something about the orange soda, too!


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