The Beach is where Fish live

Sunday we went to the beach so we could take pictures of the kids with sunglasses on. Nobody does that right?

The E Coli makes the water taste bad so we didn’t go swimming. If polluted waters could give me super powers I'd stick my pinky toe in. My preference would be flying as my super power over invisibility although both have their appeal. I wouldn't be able to fly very high without oxygen though.

Stella and Xavier..hats, sunglasses and for some reason there's a Palm Pilot to the left of Stella.

Stella is reading. Yes, she can read and she's only 4.5 months old. This picture is proof of that. Right now she is reading about cats.

I hate "babies in sunglasses" pictures but Xavier is really pulling this look off.

Xavier loves his sunglasses in a freaky way. He laid on is back looking up for an hour laughing at anything he saw. He was feeling something psychedelic. I put on his glasses but didn’t see a anything special. It must be the milk he's drinking.

Stella Friday morning. We're all this happy first thing in the morning right?

Xavier LOVES Leap the frog. Leap can say the entire alphabet when you push his stomach. We're kinda sick of it. I learned the alphabet in Junior High School and I don't need to be re-taught it.

Yes you're cute Xavier. Stop shoving it in our faces.


Anonymous said…
Oh, boy! If you're sick of the alphabet song now....
Just wait!
(My son is 2 and that's the only song he sings. He doesn't know the words, but the tune is an earworm, isn't it?)
Anonymous said…
they are the cutest little munchkins ever! I'm so proud to be their auntie. Simply adorable!!!

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