What Happens to kids that.....

Children’s books are everywhere in our house and I think the level of writing is just awful.

One book has a Lion, Hippopotamus, Rabbit and a Cat all sleeping in bed together. I don’t understand it, and quite frankly it makes me uncomfortable.

In most books the author just points out a bunch of crap that is totally obvious… things about an animal of course. “The cat’s fur is soft”. “The chicken has yellow feathers”. “The dog says bark, bark”. “Mommy took too many pain pills”.

These books motivated me to start writing my own children’s stories because I refuse to have my kids exposed to “stories” that will erode their little brains before binge drinking and pot have a chance to.

Below is an excerpt from my story “What happens to kids that steal”. This is just a preliminary storyboard but you get the idea. This book will be followed by two more: “What happens to kids that talk back” and “Yes, shots hurt, a lot”. Contact me if you’re a publisher.


Anonymous said…
Nice. I would totally buy that one.

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