Birthday party...things get crazy

The duo of Stella and Xavier turned three on Sunday. I'm going to bore you with pictures because pictures can say a thousand words when I type under them. We had a very small get together with the Nanny and Anna's sister and her fiance. We haven't gotten to the point of trying to "out-do" the next parent yet by throwing some insane clown posse party with an inflatable rocket ship and strippers.

This week they are into Dora and Diego. If this birthday happened last month this would have been a Max and Ruby cake.

Dora and Diego action figures from Yaiyai' and Papou! The Diego TV show is called "Go Diego Go". They think Diego's name is "Diego Go".

Ciocia and Wujek (Aunt and Uncle) got Xavier this giant golf club and golf ball. He loved it for about two seconds. It is now hidden under our bed after he hit his sister in the face with it.

Stella's first party dress of the day. There was a week where we had to put her in these tights every single day. Once I forgot to wash them and I sent her to school smelling like pee. Whatever, I'm the dad, I get away with a lot of crap.

Stella spilled a drop of water on the first dress and almost melted so she had to change into this dress. Then she just had to go into the bathroom and stand on the toilet to look at herself in the mirror. I'm concerned about where this is headed. Standing on toilets is unsafe.

Ciocia got Stella these very fancy snap on earrings. Her ears aren't pierced yet and Anna wouldn't let me get the ice cube and needle. That's how I gave myself a vasectomy that didn't work.

Yes, we put a lot of effort into decorating this room. My mom sent us like five table clothes as a gift years ago and exactly zero are long enough for our table. Yes, years ago and yes we don't know how to buy our own table clothes.

These two insisted on sitting right next to each other until they started hitting each other with their forks.

After the battle, an empty space had to be inserted between them. If they shared a uterus, they can sit next to each'd think.

Babcia got the kids this super train track. When there's no one I can pawn my kids off on I take them too this parent/child coffee shop where you pay a lot of money to let your kids play with toys. They have this train set there and Stella and Xavier love it. There's also a bunch of moms there that are so annoying...just get your stupid breast lift and stop talking about it.

Babcia got Stella this pink computer; it has a magic wand. Xavier, really, really, really wanted to play with it. He said, "please", she said "no", he took it from her, they had a fight...etc...etc...etc.

The nanny got Xavier this truck and Stella three Barbie dolls (don't even get me started) plus toy watches, chocolate and god knows what else. Does everyone else have a problem with their nanny spoiling the kids? I'm not sure if this situation is unique to us or not. I should really ask the cleaning person if she notices this at other people's homes.

When my brother and sister take their naps I get to play with all their toys.

Once all the gifts were opened and the kids went down for naps I began my ritual of filling bags and bags with old toys and storing them away for poor children. I can't even image having a birthday party with 30 kids from school. What in the world would you do with all those toys? I know we are going to have to suffer through a party like that in the future and I want a "no gifts" party. If any one of those rotten kids comes with a gift I am sending them packing.

Happy birthday Xavier and Stella our sweet babies!!


Michelle Cooper said…
Awww! Happy birthday twins! My sister started doing birthday parties where the kids bring canned food instead of presents, or where the birthday celebrant gets to pick out toys after to donate to orphans. And anyone who brings a barbie toy isn't allowed to have cake.
An Urban Story said…
That's a great idea. Anna said a better idea is to not have a party to begin with. :-)

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