The Direct Vent Gas Burning Fireplace that will take you down

We’re getting a fireplace installed in our living room, finally. I hate not having a fireplace more than I hate Hitler.

It’s so embarrassing welcoming people into our home and the first thing they see is a pile of pornos and then a wall without a fireplace. It’s flat and boring like this stripper from Indiana.

If we lived somewhere warm I’d still have a fireplace. My favorite part of a fireplace is the mantel. I love mantels. I love putting things on mantels. I love looking at mantels. I love hanging pictures over mantels. I love touching mantels. Being next to a mantel is the closest I’ve ever been to God.

This is a picture of the fireplace screen and “insert” we are getting.

This is just a picture from the website so ignore the stone work and focus on the black screen. It’s a gas model with a remote control starter.

Gas models that don’t require a chimney (we don’t have a chimney) have glass over the front and look really fake. But this model has a pair of screen doors attached over the glass making it look like a real, wood-burning fireplace. I know, you thought it wasn't possible but it is!

I can’t believe this is finally happening. Please think of all the less fortunate people in the world that don’t have fireplaces or access to clean drinking water.


fireplace said…
"I hate not having a fireplace more than I hate Hitler." :)
Beautiful fireplace :)
It looks beautiful, congratulations on your new fireplace.

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