Cruising is not just for sex

Over the weekend, Anna’s family was in town to celebrate her dad’s 60th birthday. I can only hope that one day I will live to see sixty and still have my prostate gland.

We left the kids with the babysitter and headed to a dinner cruise on Lake Michigan. Anna’s grandmother qualified us for preferential reserved handicap seating, so we brought her along. She’s not like wheel chair handicapped just old handicapped and has difficultly walking.

Old people really have the best life for the a year or year and a half.

From now on, I’m going to request handicapped whenever I do anything. “I’d like a table for two…and make it handicapped!” “One rental car please…handicapped.” “I need a cleaning woman this Saturday…upgrade her to handicapped!”

While we were waiting to launch out to sea, Chaz the DJ came over and introduced himself. He asked if we had any requests. I requested, “Believe” by Cher, or “If I Could Turn Back Time” by Cher, or anything by Cher.

There was even a bachelorette party on board. The Slut Walk protest was a few weeks ago but they still had on all their outfits. Anna’s dad took their picture and showed it to us being all, “Look, I got a picture of the sluts”. First of all, they are slut walkers and secondly, no... you can not see a tampon string in the picture.

Sometime around 10pm we headed to the roof top lounge to watch fireworks. I’m not sure why this is but here in Chicago we have fireworks every Saturday night during the summer. I don’t get it really. I don’t hate fireworks but I don’t love them. I’m not 100% for them but I’m not 100% against them. They’re not the best but they’re not the worst. They’re not great but they’re not awful. I can see why people like them and I can see why people don’t like them.

The night finished with a lot of questionable dancing. Some, very, very questionable dancing and heavy petting.

 The Slut Walkers
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We were all so surprised at how well this picture turned out. Anna and I are to the left and her sister and fiance are to the far right then the birthday boy with Anna's mom and then finally the grandmother. Ahoy matey!


Anonymous said…
Cher, Cher, and more Cher? Does your wife know you're gay?
An Urban Story said…
Anna likes baby cubs.
Kerry Lynn said…
"heavy petting" HA! That phrase always cracks me up and reminds me of the movie Road Trip.

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