38 weeks....argh....

Hi internet. It’s been another day with no babies.

We had our 38 weeks ultra sound Monday morning and everything looks peachy; except for Anna’s feet. Picture someone who’s been punched in the eye and its all swollen except the swollen part is on Anna’s feet. That’s how they look.

The cervix is still closed and if things stay that way were going forward with the dilation procedure Wednesday.

A breif recap: the plan is to still check-in to the hospital Wednesday at 9:30pm, start the procedure at 10:30pm. The OB warned us that we may go all night, through Thursday into early Friday. It’s been a long time since I’ve done that and back then there was loud music and strobe lights so I’m packing my iPod and some glow sticks.

Anna has one last ditch effort today at 3:30pm. She's going to see the acupuncturist that helped with our infertility to see if he can trigger labor. Anna's heard of women who've had their water break on the acupunture table!! OH-MY-GOD



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