Tummy Time!

So Xavier and Stella have started to get a little tummy time each day. They've each put on some weight so they need more exercise.

Anna's friend who is a pediatrician resident got us a cool tummy time toy. The baby gets laid down on his/her tummy and tries to lift there head and crawl.

Let's review what happened.

Stella, did well. You can see her lifting her and and squirming along.

Way to go Stella. Truly a natural.

Now we have Xavier. Oh boy. What's going on here?

Did you fall asleep?

Come on little buddy, lift up your head!

Geez, that was hard.

Hmm, Xavier didn't do so well. Can we upgrade him to a different model?



Unknown said…
I was having a little withdrawl from the lack of updates/pictures. Thanks for adding some.
Scarlet O'Kara said…
They are just the cutest little munchkins!

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