All Going Well

Hey there loyal readers.
We're still at the hospital and should be here until Monday.
Anna's family has left and my parents are still in town.

The kids were pretty active during the night. Stella is a good eater. She latches on, sucks, finishes, poos and goes to bed.

Xavier kinda latches on, falls asleep, wakes up crying, sucks a few times then looks around the room and then won't go to sleep unless he's held. He is such a baby!

Hopefully they'll be talking soon. That happens on the third day right? I didn't read any of those parenting books.



Tam said…
So glad that everything is still going well with Anna and the littlies!!

I'm sure that little Xavier will adjust soon.

Give Anna a big hug for me xxx
Scarlet O'Kara said…
The babies are beautiful! Congrats and enjoy your lovely family!

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