We're back home. April 7, 2008

They finally let us out of the hospital. Our room was really nice with wrap-around windows and a view of downtown and a small view of the lake. But, we both wanted to get home.

We got home about 1:30pm and got all the things unpacked. We had tons of gifts from family and friends to greet us. The dogs, Bella and Roxie were really curious. Roxie wouldn't stop licking the top of Stella's head.

Here's a few pictures for you'll.

Stella sleeping on her hand.

Xavier sleeping with his hands in the air.

Take Care,


judy said…
I am so happy for you guys and glad that you are home. The babies are beautiful.
Thanks Animal for keeping Anna's readers up to date.
Dot said…
I have the most beautiful niece and nephew!!! i wish i was still there with them!
Tam said…
What beautiful little babes!! Thanks for all the updates, we all hope that mom is doing well too and YAY on being home!!!
Unknown said…
Can't wait to see those beautiful babies. Thanks for keeping us updated.

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