The Second Bath!

Clearly I’ve lost any ability come up with interesting topics since I’m choosing the second bath as some grand affair to write about.

The kids loved their second bath just as much as they liked the first; not at all. Maybe if they learn to stop puking up every two minutes we wouldn’t have to bath them….ever.

Cousin Alexis /Aunt Keebs bought some really cute baby bathrobes. I think they are supposed to be turtles. Hell, I really don’t know what they are but the kids look so cute in them!



I’d like to point out that Xavier wearing the blue bathrobe and Stella wearing the pink one has nothing to do with their gender. Whatever piece of clothing is closest gets put on.

Xavier has had the unfortunate luck of wearing a bib that says, “Daddy’s little Girl” or another one with a pink flower that says, “Pretty” many times. He pulls it off well so no one is complaining. And no, this will not give him gender identity issues in the future. Even if it does, surgery is always an option



anna said…
Please don't judge us- this was actually the 3rd bath we gave the babies since coming home with them...yes, we have dirty babies.

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