Mr. and Dr.

I’m taking a break from baby talk until this weekend, so just chill people. They're not that exciting to read about. :-)

So, I was reading this article about subtle sexism and it talked about how "high ranking" men get referred to by their last name, such as McCain or Obama, yet "high ranking" woman, Hillary Clinton for example, get referred to by their first name. Oprah and Madonna (new albums sucks) don’t count.

I've noticed something similar with us since we've been getting a lot of mail for the kids.

All of the letters get addressed to "Mr. and Mrs. Costakis" or "Mr. and Mrs. George Costakis" yet hardly ever (maybe a handful of times and usually its Anna's parents) does any letter get addressed to "Mr. and Dr. Costakis".

I’ve never seen this with our male doctor friends. Their mail is always "Dr. and Mrs. Jewish Name". So why does the same person who writes, "Dr. and Mrs.", doesn't write "Mr. and Dr."? That seems odd doesn't it? ...just curious and I feel bad for Hillary. Not. If I knew what the world sociology meant I’d say this has to do with sociology and neo-feminist paganism.

Special titles are like fried Twinkies, unnecessary...and when you squeeze them, cream comes out. But, if I could pick my own title it would be "Short Dancing Hairy Person with a Tight Butt".

Please discuss and then send me money. You can just send money.



Anonymous said…
When I worked in fundraising, we made a point of making sure we used the right salutations. Your mail absolutely should read Dr. and Mr. or Mr. & Dr. Animal.

As for Hillary, I was also annoyed by the newsreporters calling her "Hillary" until I saw that was the name her campaign was using on all her signage and propaganda. I am guessing they were trying to separate her from another famous Clinton?
Anonymous said…
I think my mail should be Dr. and Hot Stuff.

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