So, Nanny started last week fulltime and Anna and I finally gave the reigns of parenting to someone else just like all working parents do. Here's some cash, now play with my kids and don't steal anything.

After the first day and for the next 4 days Nanny begged us for more work when the babies were sleeping because in her own words, "I'm bored and read all my books”. Nanny offered to do our laundry, make dinner and/or cut up vegetables. Normally when I'm bored of work I slap myself in the face harder and harder until either my hand hurts or my face hurts and I declare a winner. Face won last time.

Because we aren't accustomed to taking advantage of people that aren't our parents we told her, "no" you don't have to do any extra work.

Friday morning Anna called me at work and was all like "I caved and allowed her to do our laundry". I reluctantly agreed with Anna. The Nanny was bored…bored to tears and needed this.

I've never had anyone fold my underwear before so I thought this was all a little weird. But, I reminded myself that Nanny is a professional homemaker. She trained in male chauvinist Poland where for generations women never left the home. My t-shirts and underwear were folded into neat little squares...really tight, like my butt. Even Roxie's towels for her doggie bed were folded into nice little squares. Roxie was ironed!

What the hell has happened to us? Nanny is like two steps from making dinner and I don't know if we can stop her. Every time Nanny does something we totally forget how to do it ourselves. The only thing I keep asking myself is, “Can she cook tofu?”

We went up to Milwaukee last weekend for the wedding of our friends Jeremy and Kate. Here’s Jeremy holding Xavier. He's a semi-practicing Jew so he broke a glass at the wedding but didn't circumcise anyone.

Xavier and Stella....still cute but not talking yet.

Mommy holding Stella. Grow some hair or I'm going to make you lip sync to 'Nothing Compares 2 U".

Yaya sent Xavier and Stella some new outfits. They came with shoes and hats. Here's Xavier in the shoes and his eco-friendly cloth diaper!


Scarlet O'Kara said…
If Nanny is bored, she can stop by my house.
Anonymous said…
if Xavier keeps wrinkling his forehead like that then he'll need botox soon!
- aunt dot

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