Stella likes Fancy Shoes

Anna took these pictures and posted them on her blog at a few days ago. I wanted to repost them here because they are so cute. Our Aunt and Uncle in New York bought these outfits for the kids and Anna especially loved the shoes.

So here are our kids in diapers with fancy shoes. Our kids don’t wear pants. It’s too much work. Hell, I don’t even know why I wear pants; especially with how nice my butt is.

In utero, Xavier was up all night and kicking non-stop. Anna was so worried he would be such a royal pain in the ass. But, once they were cut out of her uterus everything changed.

Look at Stella’s face. That is a trouble maker.

Oh no, it’s coming.

Move over Xavier. This is my moment to shine.


Anonymous said…
its a good thing she wasn't wearing high heels yet :-) (for xavier's sake!) what an adorable little bully!
can't wait to see the rascals this week.
Anonymous said…
oh snap what a bully!
Anonymous said…
Xavier would rather be breakdancing.

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