Tori Spelling

So, my sister in law, Aunt Duda, sent us this quote for USweekly:

Tori Spelling, 35, gave birth to her second child, Stella Doreen McDermott, in L.A. Monday afternoon.

"Stella has been one of the hottest star baby names for over a decade now," said the coauthor of baby-
naming guides Cool Names and The Baby Name Bible.

Other celebs, including Melanie Griffith, Elizabeth Shue and Dave Matthews, have named their daughters
Stella, which means "star." Stella "carries that Old Hollywood glamour so stylish with the new generation of celebrities."

When I read this I couldn't breathe until I slapped myself in the face. I don't know which is more disturbing, Tori Spelling's breast implants or the fact that our kids have the same name. Our Stella was named after my grandmother that passed away last year. It was not to carry that Old Hollywood chic.

But, our little Stella would be so cute smoking a cigarette with one of those extension thingies.



Anonymous said…
Tori is a copy-cat!
Anonymous said…
I heard that Tori Spelling might be cast as the dance teacher with a heart of gold in Breakin' 3: Electric Boogalee. Hope it's true!

Your babies are ridiculously awesome.
kate said…
to make up for the tori spelling lameness, the magnetic fields have a song on their new album called xavier says. and they're awesome

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