The Children's Museum did not have any child mummies

We made an exception Sunday and went to the suburbs to checkout the kid's museum. There seems to be a kid's museum everywhere now. The name, "Kid's Museum" is a bit of a misnomer. The name should me, "Pay a Bunch of Money so your Kids can Pretend to be Adult's Museum"

 Stella and Xavier are trying to save Fluffy from a serious disease.

Nope, there was nothing they could to. Fluffy is euthanized.

I wonder why they're taking so long with Fluffy.

Let's fuck this place up!

Too bad we're not having anymore kids or this would have come in handy.

They had this machine that tuned kids into animals.


Michele S said…
I always love the $30 slices of pizza at the Kid's Museums. I sneak PB&J in my purse because I suck.
An Urban Story said…
@Michele S. : I hear you! I'm doing that next time.

The food at this place is very expensive....and it's yuppy kid food. Flat bread Pizza, Sunflower-seed butter and organic jelly sandwiches.

I'm not against it but to feed three kids it's like $40 and then they'll decide they don't like anything.

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