Happy Birthday!!!

Thought I'd post a quick update that I turned 39 years old today. It's so exciting that in another year I'll be getting regular prostate exams and if I'm lucky, a heart attack

With each passing year, everyone seems to be getting younger. You know? When I hear about people dieing at 79  I'm all like, "Oh my, they were so young. Did they leave anyone a lot of money?"

Anna and I are going out to a comedy club Saturday night to celebrate. I LOVE comedy clubs. Nothing speaks to my personality more then going someplace where I can yell at the people on stage and not be kicked out like during Les Miserables. I mean, what the fuck was going on with that musical??! Some kid is singing, then he gets shot, then all these French people start singing about it, then even more people start singing about it then there's like a dance party. WHAT. THE. HELL.

Maybe I'll get a cake like the one Tori Spelling got for her kids!!


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