Woman going for weight record. File under,"Has nothing to live for"

I need to bring everyone's attention to the fact that there is a woman trying to become the fattest in the world universe. This is dear to my heart because I love trashy news stories. Her name is Susanne Eman and she is a 33 year old American living in Arizona. She weighs about 700lbs and needs to get to 1600. Let's wish her luck or whatever. America has so many overachievers.

I'm all about having goals and working towards something you're passionate about. Hell, I even tried to go an entire day only singing Operas. I don't know any operas so it was pretty bad.

But, trying to be the fattest woman on the planet is like trying to see who can drown themselves the best. "Oh look, she did the face down floater. Perfect 10." Someone beat her as a child. I don't want to start rumors but it was her father in my opinion based on no evidence.

Obviously, there's something genetically wrong driving this woman's weight. Please have some compassion and understanding once you're done making fun of her.

If the average person tried to eat 20,000 calories a day, they would not be able to do it. Can you believe she even has two kids from a previous relationship?. How is she taking care of those kids?? And no, she did not eat her children. What is wrong with you people?

Too top it off like whip cream on a waffle, she met her fiance, Parker Clack, online...and he's a chef! OMG, the peanut butter found the jelly.

He loves her for who she is, not her body because he is a good man (closeted gay).

 Susanne Eman 33 being fed by her boyfriend Parker Clack, 38 

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Luckily for Susanne, Donna Simpson was trying to become the fattest woman in the world but decided it was not such a good idea. She has since committed herself to losing weight. Prior to choosing to live, her website allowed you to pay a fee to watch her eat. Maybe I should charge a fee to let people watch me shower. I'm not sure I could risk my viewers overheating from the sexiness. Someone would sue or become a stalker. Hopefully, a rich stalker. But none-the-less, a stalker

Donna Simpson 42

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On a lighter note, Carnie Wilson had another weight loss surgery performed to lose the weight after her first surgery didn't do a good enough job. I remember years ago, when she got her first surgery it was streamed online. This was so long ago AOL was a good company but streaming did not work so well at all.

The surgery happened during the work day and all the people at my job gathered around a computer to watch. We only found out later that when the surgery started, it was actually a prerecorded video of another patient getting the surgery!!! THE HORROR. Carnie tried to cover for the blunder by saying she didn't want people to see her body cut open. Ok, then maybe don't tell people that's what you're doing and hold on for one more day,

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