Catching up with Pictures. They can say a thousands words if you're on LSD

I'm a member of a Buddhist temple ( where I learn to meditate because it makes me really more better. There's a kid's service on Sunday that the kids go to as well. Once a year, there is a children's blessing during Buddha's birthday weekend.

Sunim (Korean for bald idiot) is the founder and monk from Korea. He first asks the kids questions about their life. Then he asks the parents to tell him something the child does well and then something the child needs to work on.

What girls need to work on = tempers!!!!
(All of them, on the entire planet)

"Do not punch your sisters even if they are annoying you. 
And, may you be reborn as a rocket"

Once each child is blessed, it's tradition to poor tea over the baby Buddha.

Kids in sunglasses. It never gets old if you have Alzheimer's.

 We have an above ground pool at our house.

Stella making dinner. She's only four, so it didn't taste that good.

Obviously this is the beach. I don't have anything snarky to say. 
There were a lot of potential plastic surgery clients in the sun that day, though.

We let the kids dress themselves.


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