Our new baby that is someone elses

Anna came home from work Tuesday with a new baby. That’s how we do it in this family.

Our friend had to go to the hospital because her husband became ill and they suspected he might have meningitis. The hospital was prepping him for a spinal tap, and his wife had to run home and get the guitar and mini Stonehenge. Anna thought it would be fun having four kids so she took baby Ava home with her.

Later that evening, Stella was feeding Ava apple sauce and got all confused, “Why isn’t her face brown anymore?”

“No Stella, this is baby Ava, you are thinking about baby Delilah, the baby mommy brought home last week.”


Ava was such a good kid. She’s so quiet and didn’t even cry once with two strange adults, three kids, two dogs and a new room to sleep in. We stuck her in a pack-n-play in the basement and Anna slept on the sofa in the living room. Anna wanted to make sure she could hear her crying because no one can hear a kid crying two floors away. I can hear a kid crying in another universe.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could meet beings from another universe? I bet they would like me and make me the ruler.

When I got up at 5:00am to go running, baby #4 was wide-awake sitting next to Anna on the sofa while Anna was fast asleep. Our kids never do this. Never! If they wake up, they want us up.

Sometimes I wish we could trade-in our used children for newer, quieter models.


Michele S said…
Just keep that one. What's one more?
An Urban Story said…
@Michele: I might have to start putting the kids in dog crates. You know, whatever works!

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