This is what it sounds like, when Kids cry...dum, dee, dee dum...dum , dee, dum

Over Memorial Day weekend, we went to Anna’s parents place to celebrate her sister’s birthday and her grandmother’s birthday.

Come to think of it, we never actually celebrated her grandmother’s birthday. I’m not sure why not. The only logical answer I can make up is grandma doesn’t remember things very well so they just told her it was celebrated and she was none-the-wiser. I don’t ask questions!

Whenever we visit, we stay at her parent’s vacant home a block from their main home. The twins love this house because they get to sleep in the same room together. “Fifi” sleeps in her own room across the hall. We sleep in the master bedroom on the first floor.

After dinner, the girls could hardly keep their eyes open, like when an old person tells a story. We put them to bed early and let Xavier stay up longer. Xavier functions on very little sleep. And “no”, he is not on meth.

Around 10:00pm, Xavier complained and complained about going to bed. Anna gave in and let him play in an empty guest room with the closet light on. This house has a lot of guest rooms since no one lives there. If you were to add up all the bedrooms in the house, they would add up to the same amount of guest rooms.

Anna and I go to bed…..dum, dum dum.

About 1:30an, I hear Stella crying hysterically. I jumped out of bed like when you’re late for school and you forgot to write your book report but later realize it was all a dream and it’s only Saturday.

While making my way upstairs I realize that the crying is coming from the third guest room; the room Anna put Xavier in.

I found Stella standing next to the bed crying uncontrollable. She was really beside herself.

“I woke up and Ksawus (Xavier in Polish) wasn’t there. I didn’t know where he was. I went to look for him and I found him here, in this bed. I didn’t know where he was. I was all alone.”

It was truly heartbreaking. Not as bad as when a puppy gets hit by a car but still heartbreaking.

Before having kids, you can’t imagine the extreme swings in emotions they can bring out of you. One minute you want to leave them on the street corner and next minute you can’t envision a world without them. It’s so hard watching them hurt even when they aren’t in real danger.

I picked her up and promised to bring her brother back to guest room #2. That was a lie. I had not intentions of moving him. I lie to the kids like this all the time. It makes life easier.

Stella fell back to sleep and wasn’t heard from again until the morning.


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