Acupuncture might have helped Madonna's halftime show.

I made an appointment next week at the Pacific School of Oriental Medicine for acupuncture. They’re located near my office and have a reputation unlike that of a pregnant teenager. It’s a win–win.

Hope for the best Internet! Hope for the best. Hope for more people to stick weird things up their butts so we can all laugh at the pictures.

Years ago we lived next door to a Chinese woman who did not eat dogs but also said she doesn’t, “go to white people for acupuncture”. Hmm, ok, that is so racist offensive and generalizing. This blog is a safe place for all people and we will not stand for her hateful speech to be repeated here; ho-bag.

My hope is that acupuncture will relieve some of the nerve pain until our insurance comes back from god knows where. I’m sick and tired of being on pills that screw with my brain and erection.

Is driving messed-up fun? Is the sky blue? No, the sky is actually not blue, read a science book Texas, but the answer to question one is “yes”.

Anna had acupuncture years ago to help get pregnant and now we have three kids under the age of four. Not exactly our brightest moment but things worked out splendidly.


That blog trolling dude said…
I tried to watch the Superbowl but almost every commercial featured rap or something unpleasant to me and I deleted it from my DVR and then happily watched some british television instead, and lived happily ever after.
An Urban Story said…
@That blog trolling dude..

OMG, aren't the British so cute?

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